Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Knicks Are Getting On Point.

New York Knicks newest acquisition, Jeremy Lin (PG).
This is Day 3 of the 2011-2012 NBA Season and I can't wait to see the Knicks play their next game! I'm really excited with all the acquisitions they've made so far. Today, they made another nice pickup by signing Jeremy Lin. If you have been following the Knicks thus far, you'd know that due to some injuries to our back court, we needed to pick up someone for the short term. 

I don't know to much about Lin, but I've been reading that he seems to have some potential. There were some other well known guards available such as Nate Robinson, but they are scoring guards and we already have Toney Douglas to fill that void. As much as I thought about the idea of the Knicks getting Nate, I felt it was better to pass on him. So far, we have been making a lot of solid moves and I'm curious to see what the guy can bring to the team.

Another rumor I read this morning was about the Knicks thoughts of signing Kenyon "K-Mart" Martin. Carmelo Anthony is pushing the Knicks front office to sign him when he's available in March and that'll be a great pick up for the Knicks bench. He's always been a hard nose defender since his Nets days. Injuries slowed him up a bit through out the years, but when he's healthy, he's a definitely a force down low. I could just picture it now: Tyson, Amare, Melo and Kenyon...that's a nice front court. Let's look at some of K-Mart's career stats: PPG: 13.5, RPG: 7.2 and BLKPG: 1.2.

What are your thoughts on the Knicks signing Jeremy Lin and possibly signing K-Mart?


  1. Seems like K-Mart is always injured, no? Definitely would be an interesting acquisition though. Not going to lie, I'm actually rooting for the Knicks. I like who they have right now;)

  2. Hey, Nitzalie! Yeah, he's been injured the past few seasons just like Baron Davis. But when they are healthy, they are still very effective. The Knicks signed them for the minimum and for this season only, so if it doesn't work out, we can let them walk after the season.

    Ha! That's good to know. We are actually trying to see if we can go to a game this year.

  3. I feel like ever since he left the Hornets (are they even still called the Hornets??) Baron Davis has been MIA?? That would be pretty cool if we could all go to a game, let us know!

  4. Yea he has but hopefully that can change with the Knicks. Yea I'll definitely let you guys know when we decide to go to a game.